Verizon Will Now Sell Microsoft Xboxes

Verizon announced this week a partnership with Microsoft that will allow customers to purchase consoles through Xbox All Access bundles. While it’s unlikely to suddenly increase sales of still limited hardware stock,  for Microsoft, it’s another way to push their subscription options.

Would You Like Some Game Pass With That?
Xbox All Access will let Verizon customers purchase an Xbox Series S ($299 MSRP) or Series X ($499 MSRP) and a 24-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($14.99/month). These bundles will set customers back $599 and $839, respectively, at least if they use Verizon’s buy now, pay later plan through affirm.

To make the sticker shock a little easier to swallow, Verizon is offering additional discounts at launch.

  • 50% off $179 Xbox Elite controller
  • $40 off Xbox Stereo headset with purchase of standard wireless controller ($59)
  • 25% off Razer’s Xbox Wolverine V2  controller/Kaira headset bundle ($169)

For Verizon
For the mobile carrier, it’s not only another product it can sell, but a way to publicize its 5G network. To be blunt, however, if Verizon’s announcement video – which boasts some of the worst fake video game playing in recent memory – is any indication, they aren’t naturals when it comes to the gaming business.

For Microsoft
Given Xbox console supply still hasn’t become “normal” yet, Verizon isn’t going to be a huge boost to sales. This will, however, serve as advertising for, and potentially an entry point to, Xbox’s subscription services. It will also be interesting to see whether or not families shopping at Verizon go for the more affordable and popular Series S or the more living room TV-appropriate, but expensive, Series X .