TwitchCon 2022 Floor Report

TwitchCon returned in-person and to San Diego last weekend, with a host of exhibitors from all corners of gaming, as well as personalities (and drama). Between samples of only the finest gamer-focused refreshments, we at The Gaming Tap hit the floor to get a read on the industry landscape.

Logitech’s G Cloud
Logitech had available a couple G Clouds ($349/$299 pre-order), its first crack at a handheld console. We’ve been lukewarm on the Cloud previously, feeling it’s got a bad case of iPod Touch-itis and would struggle to compete with the Steam Deck and smartphones and tablets. To their credit, Logitech seem clear-minded about their product. 

  • More of an exploratory product to test demand
  • Targeting the, admittedly limited, but very real market of home gamers seeking low friction and flexibility
  • Logitech, who partnered with Chinese conglomerate Tencent, was cagey on the details, but has plans for tapping into the Chinese market
    • Asia's gaming market, with its greater emphasis on mobile gaming, could be a better fit for a portable console
A Win for Smaller Players
Many of the system integrators we spoke to seemed to be in a better mood than OEMs and large component manufacturers struggling with a shifting market and slumping profits.
  • Strong demand for mid-range builds (RTX –60 and its equivalents)
  • DDR5 adoption is up as memory supply improves
  • Excitement over Intel Arc as a third option for video cards – after bugs are ironed out
  • RTX 4090 is highly anticipated, but builders are less sold on RTX 4080 options when compared to falling prices for RTX 3090/3090 Ti's
  • The Future: EVGA, which recently exited the video card market, was fondly remembered. The question now is who will fill the void left by the previous largest NA video card manufacturer? Some are expecting Nvidia to step in with more Founder Edition cards
A Good Cause
Gamers Outreach managed to stand out to this writer personally among the many charitable and mission-focused organizations exhibiting at the con. The group provides portable gaming stations that can be wheeled around hospitals.

Lenovo Takes a Tumble
We don’t know if Lenovo will lose customers over questionable foam pit design at its Legion booth, but seriously injured streamers certainly don’t boost sales.

Monitors: Affordability & New Lines
In an interesting development after new players like NZXT and HyperX  expanded into the gaming monitor market, Viewsonic told us they have plans for new product lines in the next year or two. Despite the understandable lack of details, more competition in gaming is always welcome.

  • Viewsonic also brought out its education-focused Viewport (think a very smart whiteboard in display form) for gaming
    • Niche use for esports coaching and gameplay breakdowns
On the other hand, reliable budget monitor brand Scepter is sticking with its core products. It’s 49” curved 1440p, 144hz ultrawide is a respectable value and a striking centerpiece.
  • Affordable ultrawides could be the next trend for gaming monitors
  • Traditional flat panels still outsell curved for Scepter

Featured image: The Gaming Tap/Avery Bissett