Turtle Beach Adds Atom to Mobile Lineup

Longtime audio peripheral manufacturer Turtle Beach is continuing its expansion into mobile gaming with the Atom. The $99 detachable controller ships November 14. 

Turtle Beach opted for an entirely wireless design, unlike plug-in designs from Razer and Backbone.

  • "20-hour battery that takes just 2.5 hours" to recharge
  • "Full-size" console-like controls
  • Free 1-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & Xbox Cloud Gaming
  • No iOS integration
Sink or Swim?
The Turtle Beach Atom will be going up against more established competition like Backbone and Razer. Between everyone selling their wares for the same $99 price and the glut of third-party controllers – whether from established brands or knock-offs, or even traditional wired  gamepads – it’s going to be difficult for the Atom to stand out. Not being able to into as large market segment as Apple users is a major handicap, too.

There’s also the larger question of Turtle Beach, which is promising more mobile products. “Expanding our portfolio to reach mobile gamers is another testament to Turtle Beach’s commitment to growing our share of the overall controller market,” said CEO Juergen Stark.

Unfortunately, Turtle Beach has had a rough go of late, with disappointing financial performance and failed attempts to acquire the company. It is rapidly investing in mobile gaming, with the Atom coming on the heels of the just-released aptly named Recon Cloud, a redesign of its popular Recon controller. But it is also getting late in the game: Are these serious attempts, or merely a struggling company chasing trends and throwing ideas at the wall in the hopes of one sticking?

Featured image: Turtle Beach