Sony Makes a Play for PC Gamers with Inzone

Sony announced its expansion into gaming peripherals with its new Inzone brand. The launch features three headsets and two premium monitors. Inzone not only reinforces PlayStation’s position in the console space, but will help it expand into the PC and general gaming market.
Questionable name aside (Sony even used all-caps officially), this launch features some very compelling hardware.

  • Inzone H3/H7H9 ($99/$229/$299): The trio of headsets all support PS5 and PC use, along with support for Inzone Hub software.
    • Aesthetic clearly inspired by PS5
    • All three support PS5’s spatial audio feature
    • H3 is wired, with the H7 & H9 being wireless (40 & 32 hours of battery life)
  • Inzone M9 Monitor ($899): 27-inch, 4K HDR 144Hz
    • Nvidia G-Sync compatible
  • Inzone M3 ($529): 27-inch 1080p HDR 240Hz
    • Nvidia G-Sync compatible

Premium Devices Banking on Sony’s Cache
The headsets are clearly banking on some of both PlayStation and Sony’s reputation for premium quality. Their pricing may turn off some console owners used to paying under $100 for headsets (Xbox’s go for $99 and are wireless), but PC gamers generally are used to splurging a bit more than console folks. Expect a lot of bundling aimed at the latter, in addition to leveraging their support for PS5’s 3D audio feature. 
In the case of the monitors, they are targeted to more dedicated gamers, primarily PC ones, who favor refresh rates over going for the biggest display that will fit in your living room. The pricing for the M9’s performance, additionally, is very competitive, which will put pressure on brands like Alienware. 
It’s also worth noting that Sony is smartly targeting professional gamers and those aspiring to be them. Inzone is going to be a sponsor of popular esport’s properties, such as Evolution Championship Series, the PGL Dota2 Arlington Major, and Valorant Champions Tour, according to Sony head of game business and marketing, Yukihiro Kitajima.