NFL Launching Tuesday Night Gaming Show

The NFL announced a partnership this week with Enthusiast Gaming for an NFL Tuesday Night Gaming series. A rotating roster of six content creators and pro esports players will play against 12 active or retired NFL players in three games each week, starting September 13.

Players & Rules
Enthusiast Gaming is a Canadian video game media company that also owns several teams.

  • Owns news outlets Daily Esports & Destructoid
  • Owns Vancouver Titans, Seattle Surge, & Luminosity Gaming currently
The series will stream on YouTube.
  • Nine rounds from September 13 through February 7
  • Three bye weeks which will feature NFL Family Game Night, aimed at family demographic
  • Top four teams will qualify for single-elimination playoffs to crown champion
Give and Take
Both the NFL and Enthusiast stand to benefit from this relationship.
  • For the NFL, it’s a chance to connect with younger fans it has struggled to convert in recent years
  • For Enthusiast, and the gaming industry, it’s mainstream exposure to an audience that may not have much interest in video games…yet.
    • Also spotlights its in-house talent
  • If there is potential worry, it’s that esports gets inspired by professional sports’ lucrative betting deals.  Betting on esports is still illegal in most states, but there is huge untapped revenue for first movers in that space going forward. 

Featured Image Source: Enthusiast Gaming