Logitech, Tencent Tease Handheld Console

Gaming peripheral manufacturer Logitech is teasing a team up with Chinese gaming giant Tencent for a cloud gaming handheld device. This first stab from either to break into the gaming console market is bold, but it’s unclear for whom the Logitech G Gaming Handheld is being made.

More Smartphone Than Console
The announcement contained barely any details beyond optimization for Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. It seems likely to be a less-powerful and more affordable device.

  • An Arm-based processor could be the answer, especially given Arm’s interest in expanding into gaming
    • Less powerful chipsets will help with supply, pricing & portability
  • Less Than $399: A launch price of $300 or less seems likely given Valve’s more capable Steam Deck starts at $399

“Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)”
With release less than a quarter away, what killer app feature could Logitech and Tencent unveil?

  • Leveraging Logitech’s Products: The company’s well-earned reputation for quality gaming peripherals should translate to a quality product
    • Expect compatibility with existing Logitech products and software
  • Tencent Exclusives: Tencent may not have its own gaming service, but it’s hard to see them tossing their weight behind the product without including exclusive titles
    • Sony pulled Death Stranding from GeForce Now on Xbox to keep it a PC/PlayStation exclusive

The Logitech G Gaming Handheld could be a perfectly capable gaming handheld, but it’s hard to see what it can do better than its competitors. Assuming it’s smartphone sized handheld costing $300:

  • For $349, you can get a Nintendo Switch OLED and its library of exclusive games
  • For $400, you can buy a Steam Deck that is a fully functional gaming PC
  • Spend a little more, and you can purchase a smartphone that lets you cloud game and make calls
    • You could even spend $100 or less to buy a controller, such as the Backbone One or Razer Kishi

Ultimately, it’s hard to not shake the feeling that Logitech is making an iPod Touch-like product: It works as advertised, it’s affordable, but what’s the point when I can spend a little more for a lot more?