Devs: PC Gaming Still King, PlayStation VR2 May Be a Hit

The Game Developers Conference released its annual State of the Game Industry survey, which polled over 2,300 game developers globally. The biggest takeaways are that PlayStation may have a hit in its hands with the upcoming PlayStation VR2, while PC gaming remains king.

PlayStation and Affordability Gain for VR
The VR/AR space appears ripe for a shakeup. When asked what VR/AR platform devs expect to release their next game on, 18% said PlayStation VR2, up from 6% last year. It’s also the most interesting VR/AR platform to 35% of devs currently, only behind the Meta Quest’s 39%.

These shifts speak to the impressive capabilities that Sony has squeezed into a $549 package, as well as the value of recruiting a strong launch-day lineup. If PlayStation has a hit product in their hands, will it shift VR’s focus away from PC and mobile operating systems?

  • Not Sold on Apple: Only 17% of devs were most interested in Apple’s ARKit.
  • Meta Quest Pro Remains Niche: Only 19% said the Quest Pro was the most interesting VR/AR platform, and even less (10%) anticipate their next game will be on it. 
Overall interest in VR/AR, however, declined back to 2021 levels; only 38% said they were or have been involved in VR/AR, compared to 42% last year.

PC Remains King 
PC remains the platform of choice for video game developers, despite a turbulent couple years for PC gaming. In fact, interest in PCs slightly increased from last year, perhaps a side effect of improved GPU supply and pricing. 

  • 65% are developing their current project for PC, compared to 33% for PS5 and 30% for Xbox Series X/S.
  • 57% are developing their next project for PC, compared to 33% for PS5 and 28% for Xbox Series X/S.
While cloud gaming isn’t ready to take off, devs are slowly warming up to it.
  • 10% are most interested in Xbox Cloud gaming, up from 8% in 2022.
  • 7% were most interested in PlayStation Plus (extra or Premium), which includes cloud gaming.
    • Only 4% were interested in PlayStation Now last year.
Still Not Buying the Metaverse and Blockchain Hype
Video game developers are less bullish on the metaverse than previous years. A strong plurality (45%) believe “the metaverse concept will never deliver on its promise,” a noticeable increase from last year’s 33%. Additionally, 75% of devs have no interest in blockchain gaming (NFT, Web3, etc.), compared to just 23% being somewhat or very interested.

If the metaverse does arrive, Epic (creators of Fortnite) is the betting favorite to deliver it (14%). It’s a rather damning indictment of Meta – despite the rebrand and billions of dollars spent, only 7% think it will lead gaming into the metaverse. 

  • Epic expanding Fortnite to include concerts and other live experiences seems to be paying off.
Home Field Advertising Advantage
The best promotional strategy according to devs is digital storefront promotion. It's a hint at one of the Steam Deck's less discussed advantages: prominent promotion through Steam. For those in the handheld space, promotion through the Epic Games Store or other storefronts may be their best bet. 

A Slow Return to “Normal”
Devs indicated that their companies are cautiously shifting back to in-person events. 45% reported their companies have made no investment in live events, down from 58% for the last two years. Compare this to 60% reporting no investment in virtual-only events.

Featured image courtesy of GDC