Gamescom 2022: Hits & Trends

Gamescom 2022 marked the in-person return of the world’s largest gaming convention from August 24 to August 28. Though it may not have had quite pizazz and reveals of past iterations, there was a comforting deluge of announcements and trends.

The Next Trend in Monitors?
The technology behind the smartphone and tablet trend of “now you can fold/bend your screen despite no one asking for this feature” has arrived in gaming monitors. Corsair revealed its Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240 OLED Gaming Monitor. Instead of having to pick a curved or flat display, gamers will be able to adjust the 45-inch 4K monitor on the fly.

Expected stratospheric pricing aside, bendable displays could be a hit with uber-dedicated gamers: If you’re shelling out for a 45-inch 4K monitor, what’s a little more for an actually practical feature?

Bigger But More Connected
Samsung also showed off its one-of-a-kind Odyssey Ark 55-inch and very curved screen, as well as the Odyssey G70B & G65B. At a cool $3,499, it’s clear manufacturers are prioritizing premium market segments. The latter pair of monitors from Samsung also incorporate Samsung Gaming Hub with built-in game streaming services, an appeal to more than just hardcore PC gamers.

IP Wizardry 
Even though it was again delayed (February 10…for now), Hogwarts Legacy made an appearance at Gamescom 2022. Aside from being the first proper Harry Potter game in years, it’s also worth keeping an eye on since it will be the first  AAA IP launch from WB Bros’ games division in a couple years.

Given the cost cutting bloodbath at its parent company, Discovery, the game’s success or failure has big implications for the studio’s future in gaming. 

Back from the Dead
Dead Island 2 emerged from the fog and mists of the land of vaporware (products that are announced but incomplete) with not only a cinematic trailer, but actual gameplay. It’s been in development hell for about a decade, and the Embracer Group will be looking to rebound from the disappointing Saints Row reboot with this blast from the past on February 3. Hopefully, this one ships with a less awful and less offensive special edition than its predecessor.


Featured Image Source: Gamescom 2022