CTRL Wants to Give Gamers Gains

Gamer-focused meal replacement brand CTRL is building on its successful protein shake offerings to Meal On-The-Go Bars. While admittedly a little out of The Gaming Tap’s traditional hardware coverage wheelhouse, CTRL’s rather novel angle demonstrates the constantly evolving concept of what gamers want and what they’ll spend money on. 

Big Backers
CTRL certainly has no shortage of name investors in its corner, ranging from esports org LoudGG to SCUF Gaming founder Duncan Ironmonger, and Corsair head of marketing Diego Nunez.

  • Influencers running support include: Seth “Scump” Abner, Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta, and rapper Rick Ross

The “H Word”
Unlike the tried and true (or tired) tactic of marketing everything from mousepads to energy drinks as a way to game better, CTRL is opting for a more inclusive lifestyle approach. Or, in the words of CTRL co-founder Skyler Johnson, “Our steadfast commitment to fueling a healthier lifestyle in the digital creator arena drives every decision we make.”

While we aren’t qualified to determine the nutritional benefits of CTRL, this rather refreshing marketing focus is likely to net a larger audience for the simple fact that there is far more to the gaming market than just enthusiasts interested in squeezing every bit of performance out of their hardware (or bodies).