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GamesBeat 2023: Investors Remain Bullish on Video Games

The 2023 edition of the GamesBeat Summit brought developers, venture capitalists, and everyone in between to the Marina Del Rey Marriott for two days of in-person panels and awards. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall optimistic mood from attendees as the video game industry navigates...
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Computex 2023: AI, Nifty PC Cases, and the Future of Cooling

Computex returned to Taiwan with four days of the latest and greatest in PCs. It's running through Friday, but here are the highlights so far. The Cooling RevolutionCooling solutions aren't the most exciting PC component, but Zotac and Frore Systems showed off what could be...
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Nvidia and AMD Underwhelm with RTX 4060 Ti & RX 7600

Nvidia and AMD added mainstream options to their current generation video cards this week with the RTX 4060 Ti ($399) and RX 7600 ($269). Despite being the most affordable of this generation, these cards stumbled out of the gate with questionable pricing strategies and downright hostile reviews. Impressive...
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PlayStation Showcase: Strong Game Lineup & Handheld Ambitions

Sony's jam-packed PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday delivered a host of strong game announcements, alongside an expanded PlayStation hardware lineup featuring a gaming handheld with an identity crisis. More PlayStation AccessoriesSony announced even more accessories, including its rumored Project Q handheld gaming device. It features an 8-inch display...
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Amazon and Embracer Unite for a Lord of the Rings MMO

Amazon and Embracer Group announced this week a Lord of the Rings MMO for PC and console. Embracer Group previously bought the rights to the Lord of the Rings last August, and Amazon Games Orange County is taking the lead on development. This game represents Amazon's most ambitious move in...
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MediaTek Reportedly Exploring Nvidia GPU Partnership

MediaTek is weighing a partnership with Nvidia, according to industry publication Digitimes. The Taiwanese brand best known for mobile processors hopes to harness Nvidia's GPU architecture in smartphones and potentially even low-power notebooks. This development is only the latest in an increasingly competitive mobile processor space. MediaTek's...
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Most Anticipated Game of the Week: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Few game titles have had the lasting legacy and impact as "Zelda." Debuting in 1986 with the titular Legend of Zelda on Famicon Disk System (and soon after Nintendo), the series represented countless gamers' first real adventure, and continued to be this starting point though...
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Financials: Nintendo Switch Sales Slow, PC Supercharges Activision, & More

Nintendo Switch console sales slowed in the first quarter of 2023, with fiscal year sales down 22% YoY. This comes as Activision reported making more money from PC gaming than consoles for the third quarter in a row. Nintendo Misses Its GoalNintendo is forecasting sales of...
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